All our kirtan leaders are followers of the Bhakti yoga tradition also known as vaishnava culture which was brought to the west by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. As they’re all sincere practitioners of Bhakti Yoga, their music and quality of singing will transport you to another realm.


Singing has been an integral part of Premanjali’s life since her early childhood in Australia. At a young age she cultivated a love for kirtan, and began traveling in order to gain greater exposure to the worldwide kirtan scene. With a history in jazz, Indian classical and popular music, Premanjali has a unique and distinctive voice which can be heard from afar! At only 19 years of age, she is fully dedicated to sharing kirtan with others, while at the same time continuing her travels and further studies in music.

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Sri Prahlada

Sri Prahlada was practically born into kirtan and has been singing and playing kirtan across the globe since childhood. He developed his initial fascination with kirtan attending school at ashrams in Australia and India. A natural musical talent, at age 12 he won a recording contract with record giant EMI, releasing two singles and an album entitled “Through the Eyes of a Child”. Sri Prahlada has performed kirtan in traditional, as well as rock and reggae styles before audiences of tens of thousands. Sri Prahlada’s heart and soul permeates every moment of every kirtan he sings, transporting his audience to the realm of spiritual consciousness.

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BB Govinda Swami

His Holiness Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami is a spiritual leader and renowned singer of kirtan and bhajans (devotional songs). He has a group of professional musicians who he travels with all over the world, to both entertain and enlighten audiences from all walks of life, and all age groups.

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Akincana Krishna

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Bada Haridas

Known for his inspiring and soulful chants, Bada Haridas has studied and performed Indian devotional music, including Indian classical music and raga since 1975. Bada Haridas artistically blends his many influences to create unique music in celebration of the divine. He travels internationally, presenting seminars on Vaisnava songs and devotional practices. He is also a celebrated Kirtan singer and performs at festivals around the world.

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Gaura Vani

Gaura Vani is an american Artist, Actor, Producer, Teacher, Father, Family man, and to the core a Kirtaniya. Gaura Vani grew up in the ashrams of the Hare Krishna movement where his life was structured around the virtues of spiritual life. Maturing into adulthood, Gaura Vani started a career in Hollywood acting and producing Movies at a global industry standard. Since his career in Hollywood, he has helped to produce events and media for the sake of uplifting the community with Kirtan, music, Positive association, and the teachings of the spiritual teachers of ancient India.

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Indradyumna Swami

Indradyumna Swami is a spiritual leader, traveling monk, public speaker, writer, photographer, and Kirtan leader. He has been traveling the world spreading the peaceful teachings of Bhakti Yoga and running large-scale festival programs which feature kirtan (mantra meditation set to music), theatrical presentations of Vedic texts, and prasadam (vegetarian food that has been offered to the Lord).

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A native of Mauritius, Madhava was given his first drum at the age of 5. At 18, he moved to Vrindavan, a place of pilgrimage in India where kirtan has been practised continuously for centuries. Madhava travels extensively around the world with his wife Radhika and his band Gaura Prema, enlivening audiences with the power of devotional kirtan. He fuses his Mauritian roots with the influences of India to produce a unique style of kirtan, but the main ingredient is his heartfelt bhakti.

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