A vibrant expression

of Bhakti yoga

1-17 March 2020



Dear Friends

Due to the present world situation and increased travel restrictions we have decided to shorten Rishikesh Kirtan Fest 2020. The final festival will be on March 17. We are so inspired and grateful to have had the opportunity to share these past two wonderful weeks with you. We eagerly look forward to Rishikesh Kirtan Fest 2021 when we will again chant, dance and feast in your blissful association ❤

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About our Event

Our Spirit

Welcome to Rishikesh Kirtan Fest 2020. Experience the essence of spiritual culture through participating together with like-minded souls in uplifting kirtan, inspiring workshops and conscious feasting.

Our Special Guests

We are fortunate to have some of the most expert kirtan leaders in the world at our Rishikesh Kirtan Fest. Discover more about them all.

Chant a little bit louder,

from the heart.

Kirtan is an experience like no other. It combines sacred mantra with vibrant, joyous music that lifts the soul and energizes the body. One leader sings the mantra, accompanied by a few instruments. Kirtan breaks the barrier between audience and performers and everyone experiences the joy and unity in song and dance.

Cooked daily with love

A feast is the most perfect way to complete the event of every Festival of India. We invite you to taste a vegetarian menu based on fresh vegetables, grains and lentils – with different options daily. Our preparations are blessed before being served – so you can really taste the love!

This festival is our heartfelt offering to you. We invite you to be immersed in a timeless spiritual culture that has kirtan at its heart.

Expand your understanding of kirtan culture with our engaging workshops.

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