Get Creative With Rangolis!

With Shyama Mandali and Rasarani
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Rangoli is a traditional art form that takes the shape of floor decorations using geometric symmetry and auspicious symbols by means of colored powder, sand, grains, flowers etc. For thousands of years, rangoli has been used to create a festive and auspicious atmosphere during celebrations and events. It is a household art, passed down through generations, and these vibrant colorful decorations are usually placed in doorways, entrances, or courtyards as a way to welcome guests and uplift their consciousness. There are many forms and styles of rangoli practiced throughout India, ranging from small simple patterns created with flowers to complicated multi-colored mandala designs. The intricate patterns, bright colors and variety of mediums also provide an opportunity for joyful self-expression.

Shyama Mandali and Rasarani both spent the majority of their lives living in West Bengal and have thus been exposed to Rangoli from a young age. It being an undeniable aspect to the culture there, they both have had extensive practical experience with Rangoli when decorating the village on auspicious days and ceremonies. Their combined knowledge, fun-loving nature and experience sets them up to perfectly share with all the beauty of this ancient art.