The Art of Henna

With Shyama premi

Henna has long been used in Vedic culture to beautify one’s body as a “Temporary tattoo”. As one of the most popular and safest forms of body art today, this plant-based paste is becoming a trend in many parts of the world!

Learn how to apply, care for and work with henna paste while furthering your skills in mandala and design drawing! This henna workshop will include a brief history of henna, its uses and benefits. You will be shown how to draw basic mandala and henna designs with a henna cone and you will learn how to achieve the best stain results and aftercare for your henna tattoo.

Shyama premi spent the majority of her childhood living in West Bengal and have thus been exposed to Mandala art from a young age. It being an undeniable aspect to the culture there, she had extensive practical experience with Mandala when decorating the village on auspicious days and ceremonies. Her knowledge, fun-loving nature and experience sets her up to perfectly share with all the beauty of this ancient art.