Stories of the vedas 

With Gaura Vani

Dive into the ancient stories from the vedas with world renounced story teller and kirtaniya Gaura Vani. Learn about the heros and heronines of ancient vedic history and the many lessons which they can teach us for this day and age! The mystery, dedication and completely empowered lives of these great personalities combined with the captivating descriptioms by Gaura will leave you on the edge of your seat and excited to hear what happens next!

Gaura Vani is an american Artist, Actor, Producer, Teacher, Father, Family man, and to the core a Kirtaniya. Gaura Vani grew up in the ashrams of the Hare Krishna movement where his life was structured around the virtues of spiritual life. Maturing into adulthood, Gaura Vani started a career in Hollywood acting and producing Movies at a global industry standard. Since his career in Hollywood, he has helped to produce events and media for the sake of uplifting the community with Kirtan, music, Positive association, and the teachings of the spiritual teachers of ancient India.