Dance in Devotion

With Syamesvari

A Devotional Movement Workshop

A guided meditation through a dance medium: the natural expression of the soul. Focusing on integrating the individual’s natural heart, mind, and body orientation combined with traditional steps and patterns incorporated in kirtan for an active and immersive kirtan meditation experience.

Syamesvari-prema has been studying and practicing bhakti-yoga since the young age of three when her mom met practitioners through the Vegetarian Spiritualists Club at Rutgers University in 1996. In the same year, she started learning various dance forms and musical theatre. After countless local dance recitals and plays, it was quickly apparent that she was born to be a performing artist. Continuing her dance training at Rutgers University and beyond over the past 26 years, Syamesvari has learned nearly 30 different forms of dance. However, having also spent much of her teenage and young adult years assisting her communities in sharing the joy of Krishna Consciousness among society, Syamesvari is re-focusing her life’s mission on deepening seekers’ engagement with bhakti-yoga through meditative dance education and the performing arts.