Dance of Devotion

With Cintamani
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Get your ankle bells and twirling skirts on and come explore the movement of rhythms in traditional Rajasthani folk dance! Become confident and smooth with your development and coordination in a fun and vibrant environment. This workshop will take you on a dance journey through the history and origins of Indian dance, various core positions, rhythms, techniques and even a small dance piece to perform together! Be prepared to smile, get your blood pumping and dance with devotion!

Sri Harinam Cintamani began her dance journey at age 12, with Bollywood and Kathak styles. As her passion grew, she took up a 5-year course in choreography, deeming her also as a professional dancer in a variety of styles. With years of experience both teaching and performing, combined with having lived in India the past 5 years, Cintamani has a vast knowledge of the nuances and intricacies of Indian dance and culture and is ready to share such rich knowledge with any eager students!